Jaguar mannikin anyone?

Submitted by Gregorio Garcia on 9/5/99. ( )

I am working on a female jaguar for the Belize Audubon society. This animal was killed by a vehicle in one of our highways. The Audubon society got news of it, recovered the animal and made the decision to preserve it. The BAS runs the Jaguar Sanctuary in Belize and is the largest wildlife conservation NGO in belize. The jaguar is higly protected here. I have accepted to help them with their project. A mannikin would certainly make life easier. There seem to none available( probably because it is a protected animal)

Has anyone done a jaguar? Can you modify a leopard mannikin?



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Jaguar Mannikin

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 9/6/99. ( )

Holla Gregorio,

Believe it or not, you can buy a jaguar mannikin from Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Supply. Among the lifesize jaguar mannikins, they have a wonderful low-profile walking mannikin. This is the same mannikin used and modified to accept a very young African lion one time. According to their catalog these mannikins are listed as paper, but if memory serves me correctly, we were able to get the one we used in foam. I may be mistaken, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

If none of their jaguar mannikins will do, they have several mountain lion mannikins that will work. These look more like jaguar mannikins than cougars to me. These days, they are listing #'s 1-1669 and 1-533 as mountain lion, but several years ago, they were listed as jaguars. In fact, mannikin # 1-533 is the very one we used in that altered mount I just mentioned.

Other Jonas Brothers mountain lion mannikins that look like they are good choices for jaguars are: #'s - 3-442270; 3-AL189; 3-AL195; and 3-NL63.

Hope this has been helpful to you. Good luck. I envy the project you are undertaking. The Jaguar is a BEAUTIFUL big cat!

Adios ... John B.

Gracias Amigo

This response submitted by Gregorio Garcia on 9/7/99. ( )

Thanks for the information. will certainly follow up.


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