Submitted by mike buss on 9/20/99. ( )

doing my first life size need some help. the pads are thick do you have to thin them?? also the hide feels thin does it need thinned??

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skin it salt it spray it .

This response submitted by B.S.Rhea on 9/20/99. ( )

Hey mike,what I do to a bobcat is skin it salt it over night then soak it in a mixture of 2 gallons water 2 caps of lysol and dawn dish liquid. Soak it for about 30 minutes or until it becomes relaxed,then tumble it for about 15 minutes.Then blow compressed air to further dry and add fluff to the fur.Now you cantake off wwhat ever pieces of meat that remain.I personally dont see any reason to shave a bobcat thin because it is already so thin .As for the pads the thicker the better just be sure to get all the meat out of the foot.Oh yea the spray part,before I mount it I spray a mixture of denatured alcohol and dry preservative to the flesh side .Let this set for about 15 minutes before mounting,then mount as usuall.Hope this helps.

e mail me please

This response submitted by carl on 9/20/99. ( )

mike drop me an email please
thanks Carl

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