Fox feet skinning

Submitted by David on 9/26/99. ( )

I have done only a few foxes in the past couple of years.
I seem to have difficulty on turning the feet,some are not
as bad as others. Seems lke the fronts on the reds are the
worst. Have went to making an incison on the back side of
wrist and sewing up later. This has been working find,just
a little more time closing and hiding stitches. Is there a trick
to this? Thanks to any responses.

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Can be done..

This response submitted by JimTucker on 9/26/99. ( )

Red fox feet are hard to turn especially the front feet as you have found out but it can be done. I skin down as far as possible then cut the foot off at the wrist (I guess its the wrist). This way you are able to sort of crush the foot making it just enough smaller to get yhrough the opening. I only use this on competition pieces though because I feel the extra effort is not worth it. The way you described doing it with a cut underneath the foot is my normal technique as it is very simple to just sew up the feet.

crushed feet??

This response submitted by Sherrie on 12/3/99. ( )

I am very new to this, but I take the whole foot out of the hide and never cut anything. It is completely intact when I get through. Am I being TOO careful?

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