Life size Springbok

Submitted by Patrick on 9/28/99. ( )

Ok,I'm trying my first life-size springbok and I'm having a little trouble. I'm using a leaping form and I have alot of extra skin at the chest area between the front legs.Ive slotted the front legs and tried to tuck but it didn't work. Help!!!
Thanks Patrick

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check measurements of skin

This response submitted by k on 9/28/99. ( )

then check the size of the form you might see the you may have to expand the body of the form to get the correct fit, these little guys come in all different sizes so check the skin girth to the form girth then go from there, also check the nose to base of tail too!

Good Tips from K ...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 9/29/99. ( )


You've gotten some good info there. Allow me please, to explain a little about measurements and such.

The first thing to remember, is that although the linear measurements of an animal may match those of a particular mannikin, the PROPORTIONS of the specimen in question will be different.

Also, you did not let on as to which mannikin you are using. You mentioned leaping ... did you order a standing Springbok and alter it to leaping? Or are you using the "pronking" Springbok mannikin from Precision Mannikins, or are you using the leaping Thompson ("Tommy") Gazelle for your Springbok?

If you are using the "pronking" Springbok mannikin, you must remember that the chest area on that mannikin is really curved in on itself, therefore allowing more skin to be "left over." After checking the girth measurements taken at the chest area behind the forelegs, then again a little further back, then at the belly, and finally just ahead of the hind legs ... you can determine if the mannikin needs to be enlarged some to accommodate the skin.

This involves removing the head and neck portion from the body where the neck and shoulders meet, then cutting the body in half lengthwise, installing "spreader" pieces of foam, then reassembling the body and foaming it all in again to fit the skin.

Of course the hide needs to be test-fitted as frequently as needed until all areas fit correctly.

You must remember too, that as in all African mammals, there will be a certain amount of apparently "extra" skin in areas where there is extreme bunching of body parts. These must be addressed using a thick hide paste with a high clay base. This will allow you to sculpt these details in from the skin-side, and will also allow you to therefore "take-up" all of that "extra" skin.


I hope this has helped you some. Good luck with your project.

Best to you ... John B.


This response submitted by Patrick on 9/30/99. ( )

Thanks for all your help. John, I'm using a leaping mannikin from Touchstone. They were the only ones that had a mannikin with close to the same measurements,it is a pronking mannikin.I will try altering the width as you mentioned.
Thanks Guys

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