Need advice on removing horns from Dall Sheep

Submitted by Jim on 9/30/99. ( )

I just returned with my Dall Sheep from Alaska and I am going to lifesize mount it. Can any one tell me how to remove the horns from the core. Do i remove them like antelope horns by boiling or is there a better way? Do they have to be removed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks JIM

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Boil em!!

This response submitted by TimK on 9/30/99. ( )

Don't bring the water to a boil, submerge the horns for a few minutes, and then take a dull knife or screwdriver and free the bases. They come off easy!!!
Thank you Geo Roof!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may take a little time, but they will pop right off. Then go ahead and clean and preserve the cores. Good luck to you!!


This response submitted by Jeff M on 10/2/99. ( )

Jim, i've had trouble with boiling sheep horns in the past. it seems to cook the meat on to the core's and they won't come apart. What I do is use a large plastic trash can and use enough water to cover the horns, cover and let set a few days. now take'm out and put'm in a garbage bag. I hang'm outside for about 4 or 5 days, depending on the temp. Make shure no critters can get to'm. check them every couple of days by trying to pull the horns from the core while still in the bag. When they budge, make shure that you have a batch of sal soda going for the core's, a bucket with a strong lysol mixture for the horns, and rubber gloves and something to block out the smell for you, and they will pop right off. Hope this help's, it works real good for me.
Jeff M.

DONT BOIL 'EM!!!!!!!!

This response submitted by ratskinner on 10/5/99. ( )

Don't boil those sheep horns or soak them. You'll regret it later. they will discolor or crack later on. I bag up my horns in a plastic bag for at least 2 weeks. Then take a small flexible knife and insert it under the horn and try to work it all the way around the horn. I then will put a short plank or piece of plywood on a large cinder block and throw those horns down on it as hard as I can. After 3 or 4 throws the horns should pop off. I cut 2/3 of the horn core off and boil the skull. The horns will stink like hell but some malagon and borax will fix that. The horns won't be damaged doing it this way as long as you are not throwing the horns on a bare cinder block.Check out an article in Breakthrough (97 or 98) for more on this.

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