Mounting first GOAT(lifesize)

Submitted by corey on 10/24/99. ( )

I am getting ready to mount my first
mountian goat and it is a lifesize.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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use reference

This response submitted by deerwoman on 10/25/99. ( )

First and foremost, be sure you study some reference materials to help familiarize yourself with goats and goatiness. Also if its a long haired goat, make sure you blow a fan on the fur after mounting to aid in drying the underfur as it retains moisture and could get moldy if damp too long.And most of all try to have fun!

use a white based hidepaste!

This response submitted by G on 10/30/99. ( )

make sure you use a white or light based hidepaste, a yellowing dextrin based hidepaste may stain or yellow the hair on your goat!

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