Measurement ??

Submitted by Jack Froschauer on 10/5/99. ( )

I have a bobcat hide that was tanned with no measurements. I was told to rehydrate the hide by soaking it and then putting it into a plastic bag to sweat in the refridgerator over night. Then streach to get measurements and always measure girth first. After getting measurements I need to order a form which will take a few days. I was told put the hide in a air tight plastic bag and freeze it until I am ready to mount. When ready to mount just unthaw and soak for a few minunts and its ready. I just want to make sure this is the proper method any help would be great.

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Sounds right

This response submitted by frank on 10/6/99. ( )

Just be sure when you stretch the hide don't over stretch. Gently pull from the head to the tail then the sides. Most beginners over stretch the hide,from head to tail.
Also before you mount the hide dry the hair somewhat. It's hard to mount a cape that has wet hair. After you mount then get it really fluffed up. Also have good reference a cat has very distinct hair patterens on the face.

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