lifesize bison

Submitted by Pete on 11/4/99. ( )

What's the going rate for mounting a lifesize bison? How about a front half wall mount? Thanks.

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lifesize bison

This response submitted by kirk on 11/5/99. ( )

a lifesize bison will run around $4,000 plus base and habitat. hope this helps, any more questions feel free to e mail!

Depends on the market.

This response submitted by John C on 11/5/99. ( )

I have seen some for as little as $1200 raw and also in the $4000 range tanned. It depends on the market!!! I recently bought a very nice colored LS wolf tanned for $150.00. Look around before you by and get the seller guarantee the quality of the hide. jC

Mounting A Lifesize Bison

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 11/5/99. ( )

Hi Pete,

Johnny ... what planet are you on? He's asking about the price to MOUNT a lifesize bison. Not the cost of a hide. Silly boy!

Anyway, the price for a full mount bison on my pricelist is $6,100.00. Of course, this price includes the tanning, plus the neccessary shipping of the hide to and from the tannery.

The above price of $4,000.00 from Kirk, should have the tanning and shipping costs added in if you're going to make a decent profit from it.

The mannikins are not cheap by any means, as the tanning rates are high also. They vary a bit from tannery to tannery. Use a reliable tannery with a good reputation, like New Method and such.

Also, you are going to have an awfull lot of man-hours in this piece, so charge accordingly to this, and to your skill level.

Best of luck to you ... John B.

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