red or gray fox

Submitted by dennis thompson on 10/31/99. ( )

never mounted a fox have alway's done raccoons. how do you tell red from gray

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This response submitted by George Roof on 10/31/99. ( )

I could give you the smart answer in that one is red and the other is gray, but it don't always work that way.
Grays climb trees and reds can't. Greys are always salt-and-pepper colored while reds are larger with coats that run from the usual red to orange, gray, and sometimes almost black colors.
The gray foxes scientific name means ashley-silvered. Its tail always has a black mane down its center and with no soft underhair that the reds have. It also has a dominant foot pad on the front feet that show in it's tracks. It's features are more delicate and it tends to have the face of a Pomeranian puppy than the long, dog face of the red. Size with offer you the quickest clue usually when all other factors are the same. Grays tend to be about 2/3 the size of a full grown red.

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