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Submitted by Dave B. on 11/6/99. ( )

I'm a sucker for the little critters but I just can't seem to get that soft fuzzy look to their muzzles and nose.I'm currently using clay,but it seems the clay dosnt want to stick very well to the form and when i try to shape it it moves around.Any tips would be appreciated. Oh and John B. if your reading this many thanks through these past5 years or so,since you gave me a tip on how to repair damaged bones in squirrels.Nowdays I just use your lockit socket legs. Thanks to everyone.

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This response submitted by Frank on 11/7/99. ( )

To make clay stick better use critter clay and rough up the nose area. Clue-cut some of the form off around the nose work clay in there to rebiuld the area. Let the clay set up some before mounting.
After you mount it you can depress the roots of the wiskers in the clay.
Now for the fuzzy look. Back brush the hair-From the eye to the nose. This will give you a fuller look. You must do this every day till the mount is dried. Maybe three times a day the same for the tail.
Ok John what else did I miss here?

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