Mannikin problem

Submitted by Donna on 11/1/99. ( )

Some of you might remember that I am just a beginner, but I now have mounted a few lifesize mammals. I am currently working on a bobcat and I'm having a real problem with the mannikin. The length and head fit perfect. I had to shave the legs down and now it's okay, but across the shoulders are becoming a nightmare. I have about a six inch gap there. I know one way to fix this is to cut the mannikin in half and take off from the inside then rebuild the shape. My question is, is there an easier way to get this hide to go together? I know my measurement wasn't off when I ordered the form. I just don't get it. Any suggestions appreciated.

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be there done that

This response submitted by bill b on 11/1/99. ( )

i mount several cats per year ihave had your problem before most of the time it was because of ordering form with to much length order your form more by circumference than from length the legs fits much better sounds like the length was to long ittook all of the loose skin away from the circumference if you didn;t have skinkage in the tanning

Thank you

This response submitted by Donna on 11/3/99. ( )

Thanks Bill. That makes sense. I'll shave the length down on this one and next time order more by circumference instead.

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