Bleaching Dall Sheep Mount

Submitted by Gary Pegg on 10/8/99. ( )

Would like some advice on bleaching up a mounted Lifesize Dall Sheep.l have used hair-dressers peroxide in the past on Mountain goats , but found it sent the hair brittle. The extent of brown staining on the sheep is not too heavy ,but is over the entire body surface. Any advice?

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Fur Bleach XL

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 10/9/99. ( )

Gary, the Fur Bleach XL from Knoblochs will work, and not burn the hair like peroxide. It would have worked much better if it would have been done in a soak during the pickling process. We recently bleached a polar bear that was tanned at another tannery, who wouldn't bleach, and the hair was stained so bad from the fat that it made it look almost like a light colored brown bear. The bleach doesn't work as well after the skin has been tanned, but the polar bear at least now is mostly white with staining still down deep in underfur and the paw areas where it naturally is, not perfect, but a heck of a lot better than it was. We used the soak formula on some goats and dall's when it was being developed, and it did a real nice job of whitening without making it that unnatural white or giving brittle hair. If you do another, and are tanning in shop, it'd be worth checking out. Keith


This response submitted by Gary on 10/10/99. ( )

Thanks Keith for the advice , l'll order a couple of bottles of the stuff , one for my studio and another for the tannery as well ! l appreciate the help, Gary


This response submitted by Ken on 10/15/99. ( )

I also use peroxide from a hair dresser. I soak the skin prior to mounting, then wash it out with dawn soap (same dawn as used for dishes). But I also use a hair conditioner on the fur ,this will make the fur nice and soft. Good luck. Any questions give me an email.

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