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I am about to attempt my first small mammal and it is a long-tailed weasel. All four feet will be on the log. I have the form and am apprehensive on what incision to use? If I do a dorsal incision, will it be hard to hide with short hair possessed by the weasel. Will I need to cut the form and then glue it back together once the skin is in place? Also, what about the nose? Will it shrink? Will I have to rebuild it with sculpal? And, if there are any other peculiarities with a weasel or mustellids in general, please let me know. Thank you for your help!!!

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Better late than never Lance

This response submitted by JimTucker on 11/11/99. ( bigjims@wilkshire.net )

I personally use a trappers incision on the mink/weasel/marten etc. that I mount. It may seem impossible but I have even mounted animals to the size of arctic fox this way as long as the legs are fairly short it usually works. The only problem you may encounter are the front legs depending on the pose. If they won't let you get the skin over them the trick is to BREAK not cut them off. Insert them into their proper place then insert the body the uneven edges will line them up properly. Make sure and use lots of glue/epoxy on the mount so that it will strengthen the parts when they dry. In some mammals ithat have long leg wires cut off the head of the mannikin. Insert the head, roll the skin down like a sock and insert the front legs into their pockets. Bondo the head back on and finish rolling the skin on down. I know this may sound hard but it is actually easy, just hard to explain. A dorsal incision is not that hard if you make SMALL stitches and make sure and keep hair out of the DENTAL FLOSS that you would sew them up with, but the cased is just better for me. Any animal you mount will need some rebuilding. Just use reference and apoxie sculpt and you will be ok.

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