Help with jack rabbit

Submitted by Ryan Hrabe on 11/9/99. ( )

I was recently given a jack rabbit to mount. I am new at taxidermy and would like some direction on skinning, fleshing, tanning, and mounting. Where do I get a form and other necessary equip?

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This response submitted by Frank on 11/10/99. ( )

First off, if it's your first mount, I would hold off. Try some squirells first. Not saying you can't do it but when skinning these critters their skin likes to rip or tear fast. So when doing a rabbit take your time work slowly.
After you have him skinned ears lips and eyes split I salt and dry them. After their dryed, rehydrate them, place them in a pickle. From there I shave them down a bit on a wire wheel ( those on a bird flesher works great for this) repickle and tan them. You can use Liqua Tan or EZ-100.
As for form you can get them from most catologs.

What about the ears

This response submitted by ryan Hrabe on 11/10/99. ( )

Do you skin the ears out like a deer mount and do jack rabbit ears need liners? Thanks for your response Frank.


This response submitted by Frank on 11/10/99. ( )

No I don't buy them, but you can make you own by using epoxy( sculpall-all-game etc. Make sure the expoy is thin. Yes they are skinned out like a deer.

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