First Fox

Submitted by Garrett on 11/3/99. ( )

Since this is my first fox, I wanted to make sure that I am doing it right. From the time of death, I had the fox skinned, including tail, eyes and lips split and the large pieces of fat and meat removed within five hours. I have salted the skin for three days, applying new salt each day. I will rinse the skin tonight and place it in a pickle. Should I be concerned with the hair slipping after this? Also, are small holes sewn before tanning or after? I really want this to turn out right, so I would really appreciate any advise that would be offered.

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ok so far.

This response submitted by G on 11/3/99. ( )

you are on the right track, you should not have any hair slippage after your processes, you will want to sew the holes after tanning as you will probably make more when shaving the skin after the pickle! good luck, and keep that ph. below 2 ! mounting will be fun take your time preping everythig and making sure your skin fits before you mount!

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