New Mammal Reference Casts

Submitted by John Wood on 10/11/99. ( )

We have a new set of reference casts for several exotic animals. These casts use the eye and help you establish relation of horn/antler and ear butt, all in one cast. These casts are of the highest quality available.

We also have muzzle casts, which include nose and full lip line. Animals available now are: Blackbuck, Corsican Ram, Aoudad Ram, Fallow Deer, and Sika Deer. This line should include 20 animals by the end of the year.

Some of those coming soon are: Red Deer, Addax, Lechwe, Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, and Mouflon Ram.

Also available soon; a new line of shoulder forms including: Blackbuck, Corsican Ram, and Sika Deer for starters, in standard, adn specialty poses.

Any inquiries can be directed to e-mail or telephone:
(817) 531-1432

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