Taxidermy shop insurance

Submitted by Larry jones on 10/12/99. ( )

I am wondering if there is any insurance availibale to cover customers skins and horns agaist fire and theft while there in my possesion.i have my custpmers sign a release agaist fire and theft but dont really know if that would hold up if i ever had a loss.any answers would be apperciated.

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This response submitted by Doug on 10/13/99. ( )

I`ve found from past experiance that it can get very costly.I`d approached my insurance company explaining that I wanted fire and theft ,and there reply was "no problem"but with stuff going in and out daily it was hard to put a actual monetary figure to what to insure.They then came up with a floater policy to cover this problem but then I was paying 200.00 a month.After paying that for 6 months I went to a different insur. company and asked for a basic policy of replacing the shop and tools in case of fire and 50,000 dollar coverage for contents{taxidermied goods}=$300.00 a year!!!

Taxidermy insurance

This response submitted by Barry Moyer on 10/13/99. ( )

I recently purchased an insurance policy designed for taxidermists. I am not a big fan of insurances, but this seemed like it was worth the money. It covers building & personal property, customer`s property, professional liability, $5,000.00 spoilage protection ( freezer problems causing spoilage, etc. ), coverage of your mounts at competitions & shows, plus a lot more. My cost for this policy is less than $50.00 per month, which seems reasonable. If anyone wants more info, phone Tom Mitchell (Pennsurance Inc.) at 610-987-0450, and ask about the Taxidermist insurance program. Barry.

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