rug making school??

Submitted by S.Ostertag on 10/14/99. ( )

My wife is intrested in learning to make rugs. I always send them off so I have no expercience and little knowledge on the subject. I've searched the catalogs for videos but can't seem to find any that sound very thurough. Does anyone know of a schooling course dedicated to rug making , or a really good video , or any other source of quality information?

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School ?

This response submitted by Frank on 10/15/99. ( )

I do know that most schools have rug making as part of there curriculum. I would suggest that you give them a call and see if they could give you a class on rug making.
Also on page 42 in the WASCO catolog carries a video on bear rugs but dosen't demonstrate jaw setting or sewing.

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