What do you use to clean elk skulls?

Submitted by John Schwartzlow on 10/20/99. ( John.K.Schwartzlow@intel.com )

What do you use to clean elk skulls? I've looked everywhere for a pot that is big enough. Can't find one! I probably couldn't heat it enough if I ever did.

Where does one find a pot big enough? Or do you use a different method to clean elk skulls?

Thank you!

-- John

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55 Gal. drum

This response submitted by S.Ostertag on 10/20/99. ( rftaxidermy@mo-net.com )

for elk and longhorns I use a 55 gal. steel drum and propane burner(fish cooker), works great for me.

55 Gal. Drum

This response submitted by TimB on 10/21/99. ( winky@in-tch.com )

Hi John,
I use the bottom 1/3rd of a 55 gallon steel drum. One of the first heads I had to do was a moose. There are very few pots big enough. I looked into having one made out of stainless steel but was very cost prohibitive. The lower third of the drum works good with a propane weed burner.
Good Luck! TimB

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