flying squirell

Submitted by Brandon barton on 11/13/99. ( )

for a flying mount of a flying squirell, how do you keep the skin that makes the "wings" from shriviling up? I've seen forms for sale, but how could you make it yourself?

Also, for a not flying mound, how would you make the excess skin look baggy and not shrivel up?


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for what its worth

This response submitted by Carl on 11/13/99. ( )

buy the mannikin ,, its a lot easier than trying to make one. I sand the wings paper thin and paint it brown before mounting as the skin is so thin the color shows through.
also for the non flying mount I may try using latex caulk to form the saggy look
hope this helps even just a little bit. :)

You Have To Turn The "Wings" ...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 11/13/99. ( )

Hi Brandon,

The skin flaps of the gliding squirrels have to be split and turned, much as you would the ears of a deer. Yep! There are two layers of skin ... an upper flap and a lower flap, held in the middle by a stretchy tissue. These can be split, preserved with the rest of the skin, and when mounting, the flap section of a mannikin is simply slid into the "pocket" of the skin flap. Be sure to thin it as Carl suggested, and don't forget the hide paste!

On a standing or sitting pose, you can fill the flap, by rolling out Critter Clay ... Or better yet -- Sculpting Epoxy ... and inserting it into the pocket of skin, squeezing the skin flap into good contact with the filler, then posing the animal and this flap into a natural attitude.

**Don't make the filled skin flap too thick!**

ALWAYS remember to use references ... they're your best bet for success! That should help you out some.

Best of luck to you ... John B.

I think i screwed it up

This response submitted by Brandon Barton on 11/13/99. ( )

Thanks for all of the info guys, next time i will do it your way. This was my first mammal mount, and i was kind of lost. I wanted to make my own form instead of relying on cataloges. I mounted it flying. I was going to use some thin plastic sheets from a craft store to make the "wings," but i couldn't get it right. So, i guess i was close to the right track, i put caulking inside the loose skin, hoping that it would harden and keep the skin spread out. It isn't done drying yet, but hopefully it will be ok. Next time i'll do it your guys' ways.

thanks again,
brandon barton

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