Measurements for Lifesize Coyote

Submitted by Sean on 11/16/99. ( )

I would like to know what measurements I would need to take on lifesize Coyote, Fox, and Bobcat. I've heard the measurements should be taken after skinning. But it would seem alot more accurate to take the measurements before skinning. Also, the manicans all seem to be basicaly one sized, how do you get around this?

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This response submitted by Frank on 11/17/99. ( )

You can take some of the measurements from the animal pior to skinning, and the rest after. Food for thought, check the measurement around the belly of an inskinned fox and take the measurement. Then take it after it is skinned. Tell me now which is the correct measurement for a manikin. They are made from the carcass of a species with no hair on.
But look in your catolog and they will tell you how to measure for their form. And if you check other catologs you will find their are many different sizes and poses.


This response submitted by Carl on 11/17/99. ( )

as Frank stated some measurements can be done prior to skinning
like Nose to Eye ,, most are done after skinning because as Frank also stated the mannikin is created from a skinned carcass.
for the Nose to Base of Tail measurement I lay the carcass in the approximate position for the pose I want the mount finished in and then measure, I let the tape go past the cut nose to allow for the removal of the cartilage. I take the Belly circ measurement now as well, a lot of mannikins need some alteration as each animal may be a bit different in some areas but for the most part you should be able to find an appropriate size for your needs.
Hope this is of some use to you :)

Dont know where your looking but!

This response submitted by John C on 11/17/99. ( )

I have all the catalogs and you can find almost any size mannikin, for all most any north American mammal.

You dont have to be a one source taxidermist, few are. The only short coming I find is in Badgers not a(more Jan V. more) lot of sizes there. Heres a hint look for a form that has the correct girth first. then go to the length. Length can be up to two inches shorter and still work out very well. Wish I had know this years ago!!! John C

What would you like?

This response submitted by Jan Van Hoesen on 11/17/99. ( )

John, I need suggestions of what kind of mannikins you think would be
good for the market. If you have a different size badger that needs a mannikin
send me a badger carcass and I'll do one. I would appreciate any pose
suggestions on any mammal. If anyone out there is consistently mounting
a mammal that is smaller or larger than I have available send me a carcass.
I would like to sculpture forms that taxidermists want and need.

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