Being to careful???

Submitted by Sherrie on 12/3/99. ( )

I was reading some of the questions and answers on the forum, trying to pick up all the advice that I can before I really start to try to mount something. I take things 1step at a timeand am working on skinning them out. I am now wondering if I am spending to much time on details. I completely take a fox foot out without any cuts, eyes with at least 1/4 inch left to tuck and such as that. Am I being to careful???
I know that it takes a while to do this, but I don't want my first mount to end up looking terrible.
Thank you,

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Never be to careful

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 12/3/99. ( )

You can never be to careful. Its always easier to cut off extra than to try and rebuild.
In reality more often than not the more time you take doing what your doing and taking your time to study things the better off you will be.
If you look down a few posts to the one about the squirrel ears you will see my quote wich pertains to this. I have only been doing taxidermy about 2 yrs but I took a full yr and a half and learned all I could about it through reading, videos and ect, That was before I tried anything and I think it helped me out alot.
Good Luck Charles Gossett

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