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Submitted by dennis thompson on 12/5/99. ( )

just purchased a skunk to mount. have not ever seen a skunk in any way
dead or alive. no one in area never mounted one . any suggestion about
scent and area's to be careful about working around please help!

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This response submitted by GLENN on 12/5/99. ( )

The question came up on Nov 18 and had a number of replies (see 'INDUSTRY' heading). I'll add mine here. I froze mine in a spread eagle position in a barn (the temperature was single digit then) but you could do the same in a freezer. The skunk doesn't have to be rock hard, that will make it harder to skin. My method was to case skin it. Hang it by one hind foot outside. Use a very sharp scalpel or knife and make an incision starting at the heel of the free foot up the inside of the leg going below the anal opening and down the other leg to the heel of the hanging foot. Use needle-nose pliars or large forceps to grip the skin near the anus and start paring it back until you reach the tail. Snip or cut the tail bone at the base - you can skin it later. Cut the free foot off and skin the leg. Use a skinning hook to anchor the first leg (the one without the foot) and hang 'stinker' by it. Sever the other foot and skin out the leg.
Now you can hang the skunk by both hind legs (tying them off separately, 'Y' SHAPED is best.) Now carefully work the skin off the
body (this is where the sharp instrument comes in handy) and the
head. You can speed things up by not 'clean' skinning, you can flesh later. I had a hole dug in the ground right below the skunk just in
case something went wrong. I did three skunks this way and didn't
spill a drop although I did get sprayed 3 times while trapping when
I was a kid.
The important points: use very sharp instruments, don't apply a lot oof pressure and be very sure that he is tied/anchored well so he won't ffall if you pull on the skin too hard.

Hope this and the other replies can help.


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