Nose and eyes

Submitted by Lance on 11/23/99. ( )

I am going to use an artificial nose on a couple of coyotes and a couple of bobcats. Briefly, please describe their proper use. I was going to attach to mannikin before mounting(from my measurements) or should I wait to test skin and fit? Do you attach the hide to it with superglue gel such as a artificial bird head?
Next, what about presetting the eyes in critter clay or master mache and letting them dry before mounting? It would seem I would prevent any moving of the eye set while mounting but would this be too limiting? Since the eye set material would be hard, the eye-tucking of skin that I normally do would be eliminated. Is this a concern? If the skin in not taunt around the eye, would it dry correctly? Any help will be appreciated! Lance

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This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/24/99. ( )

I've never used artificial noses, except as a reference to carve out the form. With coyotes I trim the mannikin's nose down and refill with critter clay. Why not? As for the eyes and your clay work messing up by pulling the hide over, just wait about 2 hours after you do your clay work. The clay will be firm enough not to move, but you can still tuck. I think if you're going to use artificial noses, you use super-glue or something to connect the skin, but I've never done it. Hopefully, we'll get another answer from someone.

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