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Submitted by josh on 11/25/99. ( nookie454.com )

what is the best way to start learning about hobby taxidermy.

I don't want to spend much and it won't be for profit.

thanks for your help.

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Josh everyone says that.

This response submitted by John C on 11/25/99. ( )

There is not a cheap way!!! Everything will cost money. The best way is to get WASCO's books you will need them FOREVER. Lots of good info there. Then do some video tapes. JOIN the STATE ASSOCIATION is the cheapest way watch the seminars that are put on at the shows etc. JC


This response submitted by Art on 11/25/99. ( hursey1@sota-oh.com )

John C is right as usual, but he left out the Forums.
Always pay attention wher John C or Geo Roof answers a question.
They won't steer you wrong....Or cut you any slack :)

Art wait a minute.

This response submitted by John C on 11/26/99. ( taxidermist118@hotmail.com )

Sorry to come off that way. Even in the ARMY, I seldom cut anyone any slack, this includes a few Bird-Col. and Generals.I still left with my butt in tact.

I am working on a self improvment program, so you can e-mail me about when I am to RUDE, but you have to tell me how to fix the problem!

I am just a cranky old para-trooper, thats hard of hearing and have bones like someone Georges age.

But really I dont intend to be rude please for give me??? John C


This response submitted by George Roof on 11/26/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

I'm old, but as a 30 year lifer in the Air Force, we didn't jump out of good airplanes. Did I miss something. My mind feels young, it's my butt that feels old.

Now you Josh. You sound like a customer of mine. Ain't nothing cheap. If it's worthwhile, eventually you WILL pay for it. WASCO has some great books and tapes, but most of all, BUY QUALITY SUPPLIES. I don't think they get much better than Yox and Bellucci , but I'd just love to see them mount a whitetail on one of those old paper Jonas forms that I started on. I have no doubt they could, I'd just like to see it. Pay the few dollars extra and if you have the talent, the supplies will end up working FOR you instead of against you. Good Luck.

Hey Guys, DOn't Forget ME!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 11/27/99. ( ArtistExpr@aol.com )

You're all talking rude ... and you forget me? I'm hurt boys ... I'm cut to the bone :( and I don't know if I'll ever recover! (wink, nod :)

Being as bad as I can be ... John B.


This response submitted by John on 12/3/99. ( )

I thought you were a tank commander! That's a short jump there Buddy!


Final MOS (job was a tanker)

This response submitted by John C on 12/4/99. ( )

After blowing out the knees and back, I did Advanced Individual Traing to become a TANKER. I did continue to keep my jump status for a while my VET does show it.

I have always done thing on the edge, Like posting here. JC

Service Man!!

This response submitted by Sherrie on 12/4/99. ( )

Hey! You said it all when you said you were in service. All that I know are short and to the point.....Occupational Hazard!!!!!

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