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I recently boiled (using sal-soda with a small amount of salt in the water)a bear skull. After I thoroughly cleaned the skull and set it aside to dry I noticed that as the skull dries it is turning a chalky dull color. What can I do to restore the color of the skull to more of a pure white? Do I need to degrease the skull? If so, with what? Everyone's help is really appreciated as this is my first try at cleaning a bear skull. It is my son's first bear and I would like for it to look good.

Thanks everyone. Bill B.

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You can use a 40 volume peroxide ($5.99 quart) with basic white (24.95 pound), available from Van Dyke Supply. They mix to a sticky paste. Let dry 24 hours, brush off and set in the sun for about 3 days. If it's still not white enough, lightly spray with a laquer based white paint. Seal your work (with or without paint) with Funicidal Sealer Aerosol ($5.95) from WASCO to keep it from yellowing with age.

Yes, you should degrese it too

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Check the catologs online here for info.

Why the salt? for taste?

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Have heard of it but never gotton any different results, unless it was for a bullion base.

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