Problem skinning squirrel tail

Submitted by Bryan B. on 11/29/99. ( )

I recently skinned a fox squirrel I want to mount. I freed the skin on the tail approximately half way down the tail from the body. I tried to pull the remainder of the tail out of the skin of the tail but the tail broke off. I now have a portion of the tail bone in the tail skin. How can I remove the tail bone with out destroying the tail? Should I turn the tail inside out and try to skin it done further? I don't want to make an incision down the tail if I don't have to. I want to mount the squirrel in a sitting position holding a nut with it's tail curled over in the back somewhat like an "s".

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Squirrel tail

This response submitted by Todd Buchanan on 11/30/99. ( )

I suggest the Video John Belluci did for WASCO. John takes a pair of
calipers and puts the tail between the 2 sides,He then sqeezes them
snug against the tail and holding pressure against the calipers pull the
carcass one way and the calipers the other the tail will slide out. I hope
I explained so you can understand me. It works very well. Also they
make a tail skinner that most of the supply comapnies carry for around


Tail Skinning

This response submitted by ChrisB on 12/3/99. ( )

I have a board, about 10" by 4", and about 3/8" thick, with several "V" shaped cuts of varying widths cut in it. These cuts are all about 1-1/2" long, and vary from about 1/4" to 3/4" wide at the board edge. (Hope that makes sense). When removing a tail bone, skin the hide down as far as it will easily go. Place the tail bone through the smallest cut in the board in which it will go. Keeping the skin bunched up on the back side of the board, grab the bone with a pair of pliers and start pulling with a steady, even motion. The bone should "slide" out of the skin. Keep pushing the tail down into the cut to finish removing the bone. This is easier than I've made it sound. If you need more info, e-mail me.


Now You've Done It!

This response submitted by John on 12/3/99. ( )

Just kidding, Bryan.

Your instincts are correct. Try to invert the tail and skin down so there are a few vertebrae showing. Then try to employ Todd or Chris's method. If the vertebrae keep braking off, you'll have to cut the tail and stitch up later. There's one thing for sure-you have to get the meat out!

I suspect you didn't try the aforementioned methods to remove the tail bone. Next time do it, they work.

Good Luck,

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