Getting Rid of Possible Termites in Wood Panel

Submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 12/16/99. ( )

Interesting first time problem developed today....need your opinion.

After finishing a pheasant and a squirrel mount today....I got to looking at the back of the natural wood panels that I used and I noticed.....termite holes. There is about a handful or more.

Don't know why I didn't notice it before....probably just didn't think of it or was too busy mounting to notice.

The fact is....I don't know for sure whether there are indeed termites or not....but I did decide I ought to do something.

A number of years ago, before I started doing taxidermy, I had a hog mount that got moths. I called a taxidermist up and asked him what to do. He said, "Simple....just put it in the deep freeze overnight." Sure worked.

So....I decided I'm going to try the same thing here for the termites.

The pheasant I was able to take off the wood and simply put the wood in the freezer. However, as you know with squirrels, the wire in the form is pulled through the wood and stapled down. Did not want to go through the hassle of that, so I just stuck the whole squirrel in the deep freeze.

My questions to you are you think it will work (i.e., killing any termites in there)......and it should not do any harm to the squirrel being in the freezer overnight, should it??

Thanks for your help. Guess I'll look closer next time. Ha!!


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This response submitted by Larry on 12/16/99. ( )

I don't think a short time in a freezer will have any adverse effect on a dry mount, however, it may not be enough time to kill certain types of bugs or their eggs. After all, various species are able to survive the winter and "bug" us the following year. Try contacting a bug person (entomologist) at your local high school or college, museum, or state's Departments of Natural Resources or Agriculture. You might also try contacting an exterminator, and see if they'll give you any information over the phone. If you find out anything, please post it on the net. Incidentally, if you'd like a copy of my catalog, visit our web site at (guest book), or call 1-800-777-7916 and ask. Happy Holidays.

Alright......Here's What I Found Out

This response submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 12/16/99. ( )

I called a pest control specialist.

She said that freezing the wood should take care of the problem. However, she said the termites were probably gone already.

Here is why......termites....or beetles.....must have ground contact every 24 hours in order to get moisture. This is why the bait stations around houses kill termites.

This wood has sat in my basement for weeks....and it is a concrete floor. one question remains....will freezing the mount have an adverse affect on it??


Freezing OK

This response submitted by Rich G. on 12/16/99. ( )

In my experience freezing mounts (wheather dry or "green") has
no noticeable negative effect. The eyes are a little frosty
for a few minutes when they come out that's about all. Often
I freeze small mammal or birds mounts when I don't have the time
to finish them up in one sitting. For killing bugs on mounts
I like to freeze them for THREE days just to make sure. Some
of them bugs are tough little dudes. Simply freezing overnight
won't always kill ticks for example. Good luck. Rich

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