one for those who compete/judge

Submitted by Perry on 12/16/99. ( )

This november I managed to harvest a nice sow here in PA. I want
to do a lifesize, and enter it in the state competition in Feb.
My question is, How do some of you competition savy folks handle
the flanks and thin hair areas. I would expect you get nailed if
you do nothing, and you get nailed if it looks painted. Any
and all suggestions are welcome....

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Hey Perry...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/16/99. ( )

Hows things? see your antler scoring articles in Breakthrough Mag, nice. To me, I would like to see those thin spots left looking natural, even if that means finishing the hide an off white color. Thats what color they are when they are alive, so...Im sure some other judge might say to dye them dark for looks, but thats just for commercial applications as far as Im concerned. Hope that helps.

Hey Perry...

This response submitted by Rick Carter on 12/18/99. ( WASCO )

If you tan the skin with Lutan F and use a light colored oil the skin will turn out white. After the mount dries you can scrub the thin haired areas with a brass brush. This has worked OK for me a couple of times.

Hey Perry

This response submitted by James on 12/27/99. ( )

It doesn't matter what you do. One judge might like it painted,
another may not.
As far as I'm concerned competitions are a roll of the dice and a
waste of money.
95% of taxidermists in this country can't be wrong.

You are right, James!

This response submitted by John C on 12/27/99. ( )

Noone ever learned anything at a show! Never will either. Just set there in the dark. Please


This response submitted by James on 12/29/99. ( )

John C.
Get your friend to read that message to you again.
No where does it say that you can't learn anything at a show.
It just says that they are a waste of money.

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