Another mouth question...

Submitted by Damon on 12/28/99. ( )

I recently mounted a gray fox. While it was drying, I checked it often, usually several times a day. Well, I just noticed today that one side of the lower lip pulled away from the mouth slot (a liyttle less than 1/2" long). I thought that I had super glued the mouth after tucking, must have missed that spot!
Anyway, after reading some of the earlier posts, I was wondering if I wrapped the snout in a damp cloth overnight, would it soften the lip line enough that I could re-tuck it? It was tanned using Lutan F here at home,and mounted about 1 week ago.
I think it must have happened previous to today, but I was too concerned with the eyes and nose/lip area and missed this area.
Thanks in advance! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, and have a great 2000!

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wet it back

This response submitted by craig on 12/28/99. ( )

first of all pin a piece of cloth or cotton wool around the immediate area and give it a good soaking with a spray bottle,and laeave it over night.make sure you keep checking itso it stays wet. then you should be right to tuck and re glue or pin.hope ive helped


This response submitted by Todd B on 12/28/99. ( )

I have rehydrated spots on mammals using isopropyl alcohol(rubbing)
it kills bacteria. It worked for me and it also works on freezer
burned ears when splitting them to the edges. I usually soak a sponge
with the alcohol and pin it in place with t pins and cover the area with
a plastic bag so the sponge does not dry out.

Todd B

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