Casting tails

Submitted by Dave on 12/29/99. ( )

Can someone tell me where I can get some flexible foam to cast tails for lifesize mammals? Thanks


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This response submitted by Todd B on 12/29/99. ( )

At the world show(1999)Chris Kreuger Did a seminar about casting
bodies for mammals. He also showed how he made artificial tails
using a mold made of silicone caulk. He first layed a thick layer of
caulk out on some cardboard or something. He then took the tail and
pressed it into the caulk. Then he put another layer of caulk on the
sides and top of the tail. You want to make sure you get the caulk
touching every part of the tail. Let the caulk cure for a few days
and with a sharp knife make a straight cut down the length of the tail.
He then used a hot glue gun and began filling the mold with hot glue.
until it was full. Of course you would not want to do this on a very large
mammal but a small one it makes a flexible tail you can work with.
As for making a tail out of foam. someone else will have to answer that
for you. I would not think it would work very well. It seems to me
it would break easily. Good Luck

Todd B

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