Measuring for bear skin rug after skinning HELP!

Submitted by Todd B on 12/20/99. ( )

I have a bear skin for a rug. It has already been skinned and tanned
at a tannery. I need to order the rug shell for it(open mouth). I
rehydrated it and got an eye to nose measurement of 4 3/16ths inches.
What do I do about the measurement to the back of the head? Is it
really important? Or can I get away with ordering a shell with my
eye to nose measurements? I really would appreciate the help of any
one especially someone with experience doing rugs.

Thanks alot,

Todd B

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Go with it!

This response submitted by Rusty on 12/21/99. ( )


I've done that a bunch and had good results. The E-N measurement you took should work. I would make sure that the head is laid out with the proper proportions (width/length) as you take your measurements. Bear skins have some stretch around the face so you also have some additional margin for error!

Merry Christmas!

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