Bobcat, rug or mount?

Submitted by Drew on 12/23/99. ( )

This is my first bobcat and i was wondering if it was worth all the trouble to mount it or if i should just make a rug out of it?

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Here goes

This response submitted by Frank on 12/24/99. ( )

Ok here goes. Why are you asking us to tell you what to do with your cat. It's yours' to decide what you want. Whats easer or harder depends on your experence. We can't make that decision for you. What if we say do a rug and you don't like it. Who are you going to blame? Us thats who. Nope you have to come up with a solution here. We'll help you if you get stuck some where but thats all. Happy Holidays

No brainer

This response submitted by LH on 12/24/99. ( )

Drew- I'm sorta facing the same dilemma but it's a n0 brainer for me. I've got a small bobcat kitten that I took on a nhuisance complaint several years ago that I'm tanning as we "speak". Even if it were a 30#+ tom, I'd be mounting him for the practice simply because I have yet to have a customer ask me to do a rug while I've entertained numerous inquiries about doing mounts. I need the practice before I feel comfortable doing other guys' cats so I'm trapping a couple more to work on. Good luck with it.

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