Submitted by Tom K. on 12/26/99. ( )

Anyone know what causes the Black Coyotes? I have two,0ne for a customer and the other was given to me. Both have a small patch of White on the brisket area. Are they mixed with Domestic dogs? Just wondering............THANX.......Tom

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Hey Tom...

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I know folks dont like to hear this, but check the archives under mammals, we really hit on that subject for some time. Not everyone agreed, but theres alot of ideas there. Go to mammals and scroll all the way down to the earliest post, and follow the directions. We see some black coyotes around here, too. Its a less common color phase to the reds, blondes and greys. Check out those archives, and enjoy!


This response submitted by Tom K. on 12/27/99. ( )

Bill, I didn,t imagine that subject would have been covered in the archives and didn,t even bother to look, but it looks like it was covered very well. Thanks for directing me right and not being too hard on me.Ha!.....THANX......Tom

No problem, Tom, glad to help...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/28/99. ( )

Sometimes its hard to tell someone to go check the archives without a "policing individual" coming on and saying we were too hard on someone! Actually, I LIKE suggesting the archives, it brings you up-to-date faster, plus I dont like to type all that stuff all over again...thus the archives! I'll no sooner say that, though, and somebody else will retype the whole danged thing. Or say we were hard on ya...hahaha. Hope thats the info you wanted...the black coyote was in there a few different times, as I recall.

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