Is Taxidermy a Career

Submitted by David Crawford on 7/13/99. ( )

I am 20 yrs. old and looking for a career. I have some experice in Taxidermy and really enjoy the work and am considering making a career in taxidermy but I have some doubt do to many different opions that I can be successful in the field of taxidermy. I thought this would be a great place to recieve some truth about the buisiness of taxidermy from successful taxidermist. Please help me answer these questions. Can you make enough money to live a respectable life,what are the key elements to be succefull, and how many yrs. will it take to build a business in a area that has a moderate amount of spieceis, and should I go to taxidermy school to learn more about taxidermy and if so where. Thanks for all your answers David.

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I believe so

This response submitted by Travis on 7/14/99. ( )

A respectable life style-----To be free is what I seek---not financially
but just free to call my own shots...wake up in the morning drink my coffee
then walk to the workshop to start work...that is MY DREAM!!! The simple
life is what I seek---Not to mention my love for the outdoors and the
people who are involved with nature are great people...go to school
if possible...especially while your young and single....good luck


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Define: decent living,to yourself.set that as a standard for your goal.Next , determine how busy the other shops are in your area, and is there room for another one.Then research schooling, especialy one with a business course. They will tell you the facts about costs, etc.And don't quit your day job till you are looking clearly at all the facts.Good luck

Do your homework

This response submitted by Matt on 7/15/99. ( )


I've just made the jump from "hobby" to career. Here are just a few hints that might help you.

1) Find a shop in your area that will allow you to come in for a few days and observe the skinning, mounting, tanning, phone ringing, etc.
2) Better yet, try to get on with a reputable Taxidermist. You will most likely be doing the dirty work, but it will be invaluable in making your decision to make Taxidermy a career.
3) If you want to continue, pick a reputable school that is at least 9 weeks long and includes tanning, business, and reproductions. *Any school is still a starting will have to take your training to the next step.
4) Money. Better prepare for this. Example: School/specimens/supplies = $6,000. Lodging = $1,000. Gas/food = $1,500. Transport mounts back from school = $200/up. Small shop = $2,500...large shop $8,000. Outfit shop with tools/machines $3,000 and up. Advertising = word of mouth up to $1,000.
5) Spend a few days at the Small Business Administration. They have books on starting a new business that are helpful and will most likely surprise you when you see operating costs like: insurance, utilities, accounting, phone bill, etc.


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