artic fox forms

Submitted by craig on 7/20/99. ( )

Could someone tell me please where i can find a lying down and sitting artic fox forms or what i could use for a substitute thanks

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Try These Companies

This response submitted by Adam on 7/20/99. ( )

Van Dykes sells a sitting form, and so does Joe Cooms. Maybe you can use grey fox forms for arctic fox? They are about the same size and shape. You may have to alter the form somewhat. Hope this helped!

arctic fox form

This response submitted by greg robertson on 7/29/99. ( )

I've sculpted 3 arctic fox forms. lying,upright& sneaking. They are available at AAA Supply House, Calgary,Alberta Canada
(403) 250-3313 or Fax (877) 291-3808
It's a good buy right now. Our dallar is worth 67 cents

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