Cleaning old mounts ????

Submitted by Stan on 7/20/99. ( )

About 20 years ago I mounted a squirrel, deer and a raccoon
using the dry powder method.
Over the years they have become dirty to the point where
vacuuming and brushing do no good at all.

Is there a safe way to clean and refluff the tails?


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Care of mounts

This response submitted by Court on 7/22/99. ( )

You use a vaccume on your mounts and it doesn't ruffle
and break the hair? In time, an accumulation of dust and grime prompts a more
thorough cleaning. Here's what I do. It may be wrong but it
works. For a badly soiled mount, on a hot summer day I dissolve
a little POWDERED detergent in cool water. Using a soft brush,
I saturate the hair on the mount (brushing WITH the hair.) Take
it outside and rinse it with a low-pressure garden hose. Use a
dry comb or brush to remove excess water.Make sure the hair is
positioned right- it might dry crooked. I hope this works for
you. I've done it on mounts that were 30 years old and they
didn't break apart.

Cleaning old mounts.

This response submitted by Spittin' Image on 7/23/99. ( allenrod@adamsnet )

Hey Stan,
Scroll down the page from this entry and you will see the advice that i got for a black bear mount. The bear turned out great.

Cleaning old mounts.

This response submitted by Spittin'Image on 7/23/99. ( allenrod@adamsnet )

Sorry stan i meant to tell you the name of the heading was: "A special black bear" dated 6-11-99.

Will let the results be known

This response submitted by Stan on 7/23/99. ( )

Thank you Court and "Spit",
I think that since these have value to me
(The man that tought me to mount these animals has passed on).

I am going to try the dry method first.
I am afraid of water on the hides, they are "instant" taned.
I have used the dog brush and vacuum to clean up to now
but time and dust has won out.

Will let you know how it ends up.
Thanks again :-)

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