Submitted by craig on 7/26/99. ( )

could some one please tell me if your cotton tails (i think you call them) and our european rabbits in australia are the same as i want to mount one with a bobcat thankyou.

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Rabbits and Hares ...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 7/27/99. ( ArtistExpr@aol.com )

If I'm not mistaken, the animals that are plaguing you folks "down-under", are hairs and not rabbits. The difference between them has to do with hares being born with open eyes and fur, while rabbits are born with closed eyes and naked, furless bodies.

From what I've seen of these animals in films and television programs (The Crocodile Hunter jumps to mind :), these do not appear to be our American Cottontails at all, but more along the lines of the European Hare. They are a little "plumper" and a bit longer in the body than the Cottontail Rabbit. Hope this helps to sort this out.

G'Day! John B.

rabbits not hares

This response submitted by craig on 7/27/99. ( )

thanks John.yes you are right we have hares but also rabbits.we never have had a problem with hares as they are ussually in a lot lower numbers.there are a few other differentsie hares dont burrow, they have longer ears with black tips,a lot bigger up to about 7 pound for a good one.but we do have the hunmble bunny which yes has plauged farmers in the past and it is the european rabbit are they the same as your cottontail thankks John


This response submitted by Ron Kelly on 7/27/99. ( ronkelly@koyote.com )

Craig, I was there on R&R in the early seventies while in the
Marine Corps. I saw and shot some of these rabbits. I think
they are cottontails myself. They sure looked and tasted like
them to me. Ron Kelly

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