Have anyone tried EZ-Glide?

Submitted by Bluechalice on 06/16/2003. ( )

Hey guys...I just came back from Home Depot and bought a can of EZ-Glide RD-50 Formula Dry Lubricant...I thought I'd try it as a mold release agent...will try it soon...until then...all feedbacks welcomed...

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Works but...

This response submitted by Raven on 06/16/2003. ( )

Stuff like that works but I wonder what it does to the make up of the silicone. I imagine it would reduce the library life of the mold. WD 40 etc works as well but wonder the same thing about effects on rubber.

The tricky part is getting the film to spray properly. If you can find one of the wide nozzle tips, they work better than the standard spray paint style tips. Try holding the can far back so you dont get too much build up in any one area.

Looking forward to hearing your results =)


This response submitted by Raven on 06/16/2003. ( )

Unless it specifically lists it as silicone dry film lubricant.. then it's OK.

Silicone is better?

This response submitted by Bluechalice on 06/16/2003. ( )

Hi Raven...I was debating over which to buy as I had a silicone spray and the Dry film which is silicone free....so is Silicone mold release much better?...I was wanting to cast in rubber too so I was afraid that if I had wet silicone on the mold the liquid would run off it like a newly waxed car...I know silicone would be ok if I cast in bondo...but would like to try casting rubber too....

I prefer silicone

This response submitted by Raven on 06/17/2003. ( )

I prefer 'Silicone dry film'... why choose between them if you can get one that is both =) If you do have to chose - I would opt for the silicone spray. Be sure to do a test batch regardless. If casting rubber in a rubber mold - consider using clear acrylic spray. Thats all I use as a separator for my silicone RTV. Works like a charm and you can apply it in a very fine mist so as to not obscure detail. Even 3 light mistings will not bugger it up and then you dont have to worry about it running etc (like you would with one application of other mediums).

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