Thinning liquid latex

Submitted by Ray on 08/24/2003. ( themice )

What do we use to thin our liquid latex we use for our moulds.
The latex is a pinky colour and smells of amonia.

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Why would ya?

This response submitted by Raven on 08/24/2003. ( )

Why would you want to thin it woudl be my first question? Unless its REALLY thick so much that its almost ready to turn into a cake ya may wanna leave it how it is.

If for whetever reason you DO want to thin it (something Ive never had to do whether using it from a small container or a 45 gallon drum) you can either use pure ammonia or water. The premise behind latex is that it is natural rubbers in an ammonia emulsion. Brushing on your latex in thin layers allows the ammonia and water in it to evaporate leaving just the rubbers behind. Don't use solvents to thin it. Even tho they will evaporate (like acetone etc) they will also ruin your latex rubbers. Thin with water or ammonia and you'll be fine. Go to thin tho and you run intoa problem of it sloughing off of the higher surface and making thin parts in your molds.

Hope that helps =)

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