Casting with hot-glue

Submitted by LoopyWolf on 6/15/06 at 10:47 AM. ( )

I often cast using hot glue - which is quite faithful and produces a sturdy positive. However, it's really difficult to paint with acrylics. Does anybody know of a. a kind of paint that would work better or ideally b. a way to clean or prime the casting so that it will take the paint better?

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You could try Krylon Fusion

This response submitted by George on 6/15/06 at 11:29 AM. ( )

Use it as a primer and then attempt to use either acrylic or lacquer based paints once it's dried.


This response submitted by Andy on 6/15/06 at 2:54 PM. ( )

i would try to sand it by had a little to make it not a smooth maybe the paint will stick better i dont know if it will work or not but it might be worth a try

Try shellac

This response submitted by JL on 6/15/06 at 4:42 PM. ( )

I still use it as a sealer, and now it comes in spray cans. Rough up the surface lightly with fine sand paper and put on two coats.Should work. Good luck...JL

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