How do I attach Rattlesnake skin to a hat?

Submitted by Bob Ski on 6/22/00. ( )

I was given a skin. Someone told me to sew it on. Is there a better way?

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This response submitted by George Roof on 6/22/00. ( )

Obviously you ain't from Texas or Oklahoma. Someone'd be shot over sewing a snake skin to a good Stetson. But then again, I don't wear snake skin as a hatband either.

Easiest way is to get a cheap hatband (From a dime store, not a Western Wear shoppe) and spray a quality contact glue on it. Lay the skin over the band and fold it around back. Then you can hot glue the edges to the back side of the band and pin it in place on your hat like the hat band would have been normally.

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