Submitted by John on 4/15/02. ( )

Hello all I just killed a 74" rattle snake and want to tan the skin so it is plyable and good for a hat band. I have heard 50% glycerine and alcohol, but I don't know where to get the glycerine from. I also heard that there might be a better way to do it, and would last longer (actually making it like leather). Anyway, I would aprreciate any help you can give me, but please include where I could get the products you suggest.
Thank you

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snake tanning

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You can get the glycerin in the hand cream aisle of most large supermarkets or pharmacy chains. You can also try some of the reptile tanning kits available from Rittels etc, but have never used them so can not endorse honestly till i try some. I have a glycerin and alcohol gaboon viper skin here that is four years old and is the same as the day i did it

Snake Tan

This response submitted by Troy Goolsby on 4/15/02. ( )

You can purchase a snake tan from Maverick Trading Post out of farmers Branch Texas. This stuff is the best I have found for rugs and mounting. It is almost too easy. I have been using it for several years with great results. The skin will stay soft and pliable and with very little or no scale loss. If you are interested i can send you their add. and tel #

Hat Band?!

This response submitted by HeadHanger on 4/17/02. ( )

You're gonna cut up a 74" rattlesnake for a hat band? What a waste.


Glycerin and Alchohol works just fine

This response submitted by Clifford on 4/21/02. ( )

I have used the above mentioned way for several years and I think it makes a very fine tanned skin. You just take glycerin and de-natured alchohol (it must be de-natured) and mix them 50-50 and put the skin in the solution for 10-12 days. Then you simply take it out and tac it down on something until it drys. It should start to fell like leather when it is fully dry.

Snake tanning

This response submitted by No Author on 6/10/02. ( )

I do not have a response but also have a question. I just skinned a snake and have the skin streched and pinned on a wood board last nighr 6-9-02. I would like to know what to do next. Please help. Time is critical. Thank you.

Snake Skins

This response submitted by Steve Jung on 6/10/02. ( )

As a Scoutmaster in Boy Scouts we found and killed a two foot rattlesnake in our campsite while camping this weekend. We are from Idaho, but were camping in Eastern Oregon. Fortunately, we have a group of boys who are the "Rattlesnake Patrol". I have read the above on how to skin this skin for the Rattlesnake Patrol room. If anyone has any snake skins that are small (or of any size) that would be willing to donate them to our Boy Scout room they would be very much appreciated. This is what Boy Scouts is all about. Thanks, Steve J.

Salted Skins

This response submitted by Justin S. on 6/12/02. ( )

Six years ago I skinned several prairie rattlers and salted the skins. I have always wanted to tan them or do whatever needs to be done to turn them into leather but never knew how to go about it. The skins are in good condition because they were skinned and salted immediately after killing them. They are dry and stiff. If anyone could give me suggestions on what I could do I would appreciated it. Thanks Justin.

salted skins

This response submitted by newsome on 07/17/2002. ( een101955 )

i would like to know how to tan salted skins. i have one that was killed today and skinned and the meat soaking in salt water. plan to fry him up in the morning or afternoon. i would like to know how to get from salted to a hat band.


This response submitted by RM on 07/21/2002. ( )


Snake head

This response submitted by Buck on 08/06/2002. ( )

IM also looking for a way to preserve a Timber rattler head.

Tanning a Rattlesnake

This response submitted by jon on 08/10/2002. ( )

Take a one quart canning jar and fill it full of antifreeze. drop the snake skin in it but make sure the buttons dont touch the antifreeze. leave there for at least 48 hours. pull it out tack it down and wipe it off with a paper towel, the scales should come right off and leave the color. let dry.

Have 56" N. Ga. Mtn Rattle Snake Skin Salted Down,Need Help

This response submitted by T.D. Wade on 08/11/2002. ( )

What is the easist way to tan a snake hide? I have a hide that I have tacked down to a board and salted. Is it to late to make a nice hat band from this skin. The head and rattlers have been left attached.

Hat Band.

This response submitted by Allison on 08/12/2002. ( )

I would like to cut you up for a hat band.

Salted Timber Rattler Skin

This response submitted by Frank on 08/25/2002. ( )

I have a 3 foot timber rattler skin from snake killed last week. I stretched it out and salted it and it has dried really well. I'd like to make it into a belt but I'm not sure where to go from here. Does anyone have any suggestions for this first-timer?

snake tanning

This response submitted by Terry on 09/19/2002. ( tswray@aol )

I killed a 60" diamondback rattlesnake in my front yard and skinned it out and was wanting to know if using the 50/50 solution of glycerin and alchohol would make a nice skin mount to put up on my wall in the living room? THANKS, Terry

Frozen Timber Rattler

This response submitted by Michele on 09/23/2002. ( )

A friend of mine killed a timber rattler, with 5 rattles and a button-cut its head off, and put it in the freezer untill we can figure out exactly what to do. Please give step by step instructions. :)
Thank you, Michele

Snake Skin Smell

This response submitted by K. Hastings on 09/27/2002. ( )

I have kiled a diamondback rattlesnke a few days ago at our dove lease.It is skinned and salted, and pretty stiff and dry. But it stinks pretty bad,can anyone tell me how to get rid of that smell? Do i spray a clear coat of sealer on it or something?
K. Hastings

to keep the color

This response submitted by Kalen on 10/01/2002. ( Darcave )

To keep the color of the rattlesnake skin , treat it with salt and roll it inside out . This way not much light will get to the scales and it will keep the natural color

you guys know that killing several species is illegal.

This response submitted by Rusty on 10/02/2002. ( )

This is why the things are getting so rare. Enjoy them with your CAMERA not with a skinning knife!

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