How can I keep "climbing small frogs" away from my door

Submitted by Tebogo Rakola on 11/11/2002. ( )

I am afraid of small frogs that can "fly" but i always have one stuck on door and when i open the door in the evenings it gets in to the house and make me call my neighbours to come and remove it. Does anyone know how I can repel frogs from my door?

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This response submitted by artabuse on 11/11/2002. ( )

I quit doing acid about 6 years ago and I haven't seen any since then

A shotgun works great!

This response submitted by John C on 11/11/2002. ( )

I think maybe you should use a shotgun and blast the heck out of it. If it lives it will go and tell all the other little froggies, that your on p.o.ed momma and run.

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alice in wonderland

This response submitted by newbirdman on 11/11/2002. ( )

Duct tape a very large snake to your front door , that should keep the frogs away and also the neighbors .


This response submitted by . on 11/11/2002. ( . )


Call for help

This response submitted by Superpig on 11/11/2002. ( )

your local French restaurant is the place to call. They'll send Pierre over right away to collect the new addition to the dinner menu.Bon Appetite.


This response submitted by Gator on 11/11/2002. ( )

Make frog soup and eat them...

No More Frogs! Try This!

This response submitted by wetnwild on 11/12/2002. ( )

Without seing the little door hangers I acnnot identify them, but am thinking they are small tree frogs, or peepers. Take soem clear motor oil(synthetic), or light vegetable oil, and give your door base a good coating. This wil help till the cold drives them into hibernation later in the month. They will not be able to stick to the door, and so will slide off , as there little pads will not adhere. Sort of like the cat sliding down the glass door in the TV commercial with the birds. They sense the heat inside, and are looking for a warm hold over due to the impending winter.

heres what I'd do

This response submitted by Night stalker on 11/12/2002. ( )

The old amphibian ambush manuver. Don some camo and paint your face black. Hide in the bushes at the edge of the porch with a high powered BB gun with a night vision scope. Pick the buggers off one by one as they crawl up. Pump the gun at least eight times as some frogs are tanacious.

Frogs freak me out too!

This response submitted by Richard Cranium on 11/17/2002. ( )

I like to spray all the frogs around my house with heavy duty mace, it works wonders. I could'nt afford the flame thrower.

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