Velvet tipped rattlesnake

Submitted by blane on 08/12/2003. ( )

I am a new taxidermist (I have been to school), but I have never did a snake. A friend brought me a velvet tipped rattlesnake for me to mount in a coiled/striking position. I have not heard of this kind of rattlesnake, and I was wondering what kind of form to order (I have not seen one that says velvet tipped rattler)? I have also heard that taxidermist make the fangs out of bones themselves-- is this true--can you just order them? I have heard to order Tom's video, but I wasn't sure if it would help me with this type of snake, or if it would answer the question on how to make the fangs? Any help would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by wetnwild on 08/12/2003. ( )

I have never heard of this type either. I have heard of velvet skined vipers from africa which are called this due to the velvety almost fury feling to their skin, but not a rattler. The forms on the market are basically allpurpose forms for rattlers. They are not really anatomically correct and do not have the ridge bone along the back common to all rattlers. My video would help you out a great deal if you have never done one before as it covers the skinning fleshhing and mounting in the same procedure you will be using. For the best results I would carve the body from scaratch and cast the head for the best fit, if there are little anatomical subtlties with this snake that are different from other rattlers like body contour and head shape. As far as the fangs go, remove the ones in the head and use the real ones. If you have never done one before get the video and you can actually watch it as you mount along with it. I would also be happy to wholesale mount it for you reasonably if intetrested. If you want the tape or have any questions you can call me at 603-783-4861

Snake ID

This response submitted by wetnwild on 08/12/2003. ( )

The timber rattle snake is sometimes refered to in the south as either a canebrake, or a velvet tailed rattler. I am sure this is shwat you have!


This response submitted by blane on 08/12/2003. ( )

Thanks-- I appreciate the help, I will probably get the video, so that I will know how to do it (But I will keep you in mind for the wholesale offer)! Thanks again--I will be in touch!

save the snakes

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velvet tailed rattler

This response submitted by Joe on 08/14/2003. ( )

The timber rattlesnake is also called a velvet tail rattleer in the north (Pennsylvania) Both the yellow and the black phase have a solid black tail which if the skin is fresh (recently shed) appears velvet-like.

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