Hawk Talons....How to preserve?

Submitted by damon e. danner on 07/23/2003. ( damond@calumetlub.com )

I found a Hawk road kill that was pretty torn up except for its talons/feet. Nice... I would like to preserve them and make a necklace. How do I cure or preserve them for this kind of project.


damon danner

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Careful dude!

This response submitted by Jim on 07/23/2003. ( )

You really aren't supposed to have them. Illegal to possess birds of prey,parts or feathers of them either.


This response submitted by a on 07/23/2003. ( )


Just in case you have special circumstance

This response submitted by gordon on 07/23/2003. ( )

If you inject them with Preserve-it, (see your taxidermist), it will do nicely....I have done them with claws open flat and clenched... as per request from native elders. In my case customer had a DNR permit...But I'm in Canada. And yes they would make nice necklace crams....

Hey go for it!

This response submitted by JW on 07/23/2003. ( )

Hey man no worries. I wouldn't wear them around cops or wardens but I would keep them as a momento. I would use good old Borax, or at least I think that would be a good way to go. It's not a hide so I think that should keep them from rotting!

you do that JW

This response submitted by TLC on 07/23/2003. ( )

If you are at all concerned about your permits, your reputation as a taxidermist, the impending fine, the loss of your business and being ethical...yeah..just go for it as the bright jw advises. Otherwise do the right thing and pitch those talons.

Hey don't be so harsh on me!

This response submitted by JW on 07/24/2003. ( )

Hey man I'm Canadian and I'm 16 and no I don't have a business to lose. Do you honestly think I would do such a thing if I had those risks? I don't think our friend Damon has much to lose either, maybe a fine and losing his talons since your American.

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