Cleaning Lizard Skeleton

Submitted by Scott on 01/17/2004. ( )

I was wondering what the best method for removing the flesh and cleaning a lizard to preserve the skeleton?


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Dermestid beetles

This response submitted by Raven on 01/17/2004. ( )

Your best bet to have a quality job done is to send it to someone EXPERIENCED in the sue of dermestid beetle preparation. Lots of people now have bugs, but that doesn't mean they are all experienced. With a dermestid colony there are techniques that can be used to clean the skeleton and keep it intact all at the same time. If however you don't mind gluing and mounting all the little bones back together, look up 'maceration' in the archives and you'll find lots of useful infomration there. This is one of the few times I would recommend proper beetle use however and is something you may want to consider contracting out. I'm hoping The Taxidermologist comes across this thread... I know there's an article on the web somewhere about how to prep a large snake and keep the ribs from drying inward etc... I'm sure he knows where to find it. Maybe try a google search for 'snake' 'skeleton' 'cleaning' or similar terms. It goes over some of the techniques that many people currently using beetles don't understand, as they simply don't have the required experience or they specialize solely in skulls.


This response submitted by wetnwild on 01/17/2004. ( )

Ask for JAY! They do terrific work

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