I am looking for tanned workable Hornback hides

Submitted by R.A. Burke on 01/30/2004. ( crywulf357@yahoo.com )

I am looking to buy a couple of horn back hides to work into some rennisance projects. These range from armour to boot straps. I need about two or three tanned and workable hides to start with, depending on their size. The more pronouced the hornbacks are the better. Please drop me an e-mail with prices and brief description of sizes or preferably a picture of the hides. I'll most likely need more later on but two or three will keep me going for now.



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Caimen hides

This response submitted by wetnwild on 01/30/2004. ( voyer1@aol.com )

Caimen hides from 3-4 footers skinned , fleshed, and tanned will run you abut 300.00 each.

Thats a good price

This response submitted by Jim M. on 02/02/2004. ( )

Just so you won't spent too much time looking. Toms price is real fair. I have seen lesser quality items for more money.

Jim M.

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