habitat for python

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looking for any hints on materials used for python habitat. thinking about making a nest (already have 35 eggs made and a couple of morgans hatching python egg replicas. just not sure what the marshes would look like they nest in compared to ours here in the states. also need a really large peice of limb for momma ( the snake I am talking about , no need for a smart a$$ remark but feel free to do so. lol)and finally tom this is going to be for comp. so I have heard they will not leave their eggs until hatching so will it be accurate if I have her above the eggs on a limb or will they hammer me on it? thanks, shawn

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all depends

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Pythons usually lay between 10 and 100 eggs and brood them throughout development. She does not eat much during the caring of the eggs, so laying on a tree limb oevrlooking them is not uncommon. However, they do lay them in moist substrate near or around water, so kep this in mind when selecting fauna for habitat. as for habitat accurateness, i believe the accuracy of the mouting job will be graded more on expertise of taxidermy on the subject more than the habitat. i believe also you can separate the two items( habitat, snake) for separate scoring, at least they do at the state level. It is a novel idea, and judges do look for creativity and level of difficulty when considering scores, so keep this in mind. Just do not get caught up in the habitat too much, and pay less attention to the task at hand being the job of recreating through taxidermy a life like looking snake. Sometimes we get caught up in the grandeur of the entire mount, and overlook the most important parts, like the subject at hand, in this case being the snake.


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