Preserve Baby Crocodile

Submitted by Tammy on 02/15/2004. ( )

I have a frozen baby crocodile and I would like to preserve it in a jar, I know I need to use formalin initially and then keep in in ethanol, but Im a little fuzzy on what I should do step by step. I've never done this before. Also, do you know where I can purchase these chemicals?

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Use preserve it from Rittels

This response submitted by wetnwild on 02/16/2004. ( )

If you pump him up with Bruce Rittels preserve it through injection and let it sit in the solution for a couple of days, it will act as formalin, but much safer. use goggles and rubber gloves as it will also preserve your skin as well. After the two day soak, rinse off, and then put in a jar of alcohol for long term presrvation

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